Thursday, November 8, 2012

Your #1 Fan

I had a strange dream. I was backstage at a Mumford and Sons concert waiting in a crowded hallway to meet the band. I was excited and nervous, unsure if I should play it cool, "Hey how's it going? Yeah...I'm just hanging out with you all. No big deal." or if I should gush. "You guys are SO awesome! I'm you number one fan! Please sign my cd!". Most of the dream consisted of my inner dialog, my anxious preparations to meet the boys. I woke up before I got in the room. I was irritated at the people pushing and smoking in the hallway so I woke up frowning. Talk about a let down! All that angst for nothing.

So, as I told my kids about this fascinating dream, before their eyes could completely glaze over (because, don't you hate when people tell you their dreams in tedious detail?), we talked about which singer, band or musical artist we would like to meet in real life.

Mary said she would love to meet the band members from Muse. The bass player has a guitar called a Katara that I believe she wants to get her hands on. You can see it in the video linked here. It is like a guitar and ipad together. Interesting! Muse will be stopping in Tulsa in March and Mary has asked to go to their concert. Unfortunately, that dream won't be coming true because the concert is on a Sunday night at the beginning of finals week. Boo! Whose idea was it to perform a weeknight concert? Adding insult to injury, the radio has been promoting Muse as the 'best live act in the world'. In the world! What do they do? Juggle fire? It makes me wonder. Anyway, I think Mary is interesting. She loves to play the guitar and is also learning to play the mandolin. She has pretty varied musical tastes. I have heard her finger pick beautiful tunes and strum chords in her youth group church choir. I know she enjoys alternative/indie/blue-grass music, but I had no idea she had an undisclosed desire to play digital dub-step. Get it? Undisclosed Desire? Muse? Okay, I'll stop.

Rivers Cuomo
Clare and Dominic both chose Weezer. Clare specifically wants to meet Rivers Cuomo. He is pretty adorable in this video. Or maybe it's the cute baby animals? I don't know for sure. Dominic said he would love to meet them because they always seem to be having so much fun in their videos and they are funny. I agree. I love their music. It's very pop-ish with great, catchy hooks. Rivers has a degree in music from The Berklee College of Music and recently returned to school and received a Bachelor in Arts in English from Harvard University. He's no dummy! Clare wants to write a song or two with him and maybe get a chance to perform on stage with the band. When we talked about his, Clare didn't even have to think twice about her choice. I think she may have already spent some time thinking about this very thing. Dominic surprised me with this choice. I know he loves Weezer, but I thought for sure he would choose Foo Fighters since he seems to like them most of all. I guess the "fun" factor of Weezer won out.

Maggie had a hard time choosing and in the end said she would rather meet a professional dancer and take lessons from them than meet a musician. She also would love to meet the girls from Dance Moms. I know, I know...that show is messed up. The crazy studio owner, the attention seeking moms, the over dramatic pauses and close ups. Yuck. But, those little girls are sweet and amazingly talented. Maggie follows a couple of the girls on Instagram and studies youtube videos of their dances. She has taught herself a few of their moves. She really likes this dance and tries to emulate the turns these girls do. It is fun to see her so focused and driven.

Anna surprised me most of all with her choice. She thinks she would like to party with the guys from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I bet you didn't know Anna was that kind of girl, did you? Me neither! I thought for sure she would say Taylor Swift or Ingrid Michaelson. She frequently asks to watch this video, or this video, or this one. But, when it comes to meeting a band, she decided without hesitation RHCP. She thinks Flea is awesome. He is, it's true. I love their music, and I guess I have played their albums a lot. But is THIS who you want your 7 year old daughter hoping to meet? What ever happened to "safe" boys? Well, at least they are all rehabbed and clean now. I chose a relatively tame RHCP video to share, by the way. Less scandalous that way! (What is up with the guys in animal costumes in the Taylor swift video. though? I don't get it.)

I wasn't able to get Stephen to pin down a band yet. He has been pretty busy going to school and working. I'll get his pick later. Maybe, if he'll play along...

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  1. Wow! Eclectic tastes among your offspring! I am embarrassed to admit that I haven't heard of all of these folks. Some, yes. I am not very hip and have no idea what kids are listening to these days, so this was awesome and interesting.

    I like that they have strong opinions so young. We weren't allowed to really listen to contemporary stuff when I was young because it "hurt my dad's ears." Literally, I guess. So I didn't get to develop any kind of musical taste as a kid, and now, as an adult, I have no idea how to find interesting contemporary stuff.

    You and Mike are great about posting good music on FB, and I always listen to it! So thanks and keep it up!