Saturday, November 17, 2012

Things that make me uncomfortable

People seem to like lists. I know I like them. I don't know why we find lists interesting, but we do. Maybe we like to look for relatable things in list form. Who knows? I was thinking it would be fun to do a list. Lots of bloggers do a list called "100 Things about Me". The thought of doing a list like that made me feel really uncomfortable, so I figured, hey...I could write a list about things that make me uncomfortable. Here it is:

1) Going to the store to buy a pregnancy test. That is a really personal thing to have to do, and I always feel like the cashier is judging me and thinking about how weird it is that I am buying carrots, milk and a stick that I will later pee on.

2) Even worse than the the pregnancy test, is going to the store to buy a lice removal kit. That is very embarrassing. Especially if there is a line behind you. And especially if suddenly, your head has an itch. You know what everyone is thinking.

3) Thinking about other people going to the bathroom. Especially famous people or the Pope.

4) When someone talks about medical procedures, stitches and band-aid removal.

5) When someone I am talking to has eyes that don't track. I'm never sure which eye to look at.

6) If someone I don't know very well plays a song on the guitar or piano and gives me direct eye contact, I'm never really sure what I should do. Smile? Nod my head to the beat? Makes me uncomfortable.

7) I'm a bit tactile defensive. The feel of chalk on my hands, playdough, fabrics that are "crunchy" like tulle, micro-fiber and touching cloth when my hands are dry all make me feel really uncomfortable. Even thinking about it...shudder...

8) Going to an unfamiliar restaurant which has a board menu, deli style, behind the clerks. The more complicated the menu choices, the more uncomfortable I feel. I always imagine the people behind me are irritated and the person taking my order is looking at me with an impatient look on their face. I always feel rushed and then have buyers remorse.

9) The words moist and slather.

10) Sometimes I'm talking with someone and I misunderstand them and answer in a way that doesn't make sense, and I can tell by the look on their face that I totally missed the mark but they graciously go along with my answer and suddenly it occurs to me what they really meant. Awkward and uncomfortable.

11) When I notice a booger in the nose or lipstick on the teeth of a person who isn't a close friend. I always wonder if it is more embarrassing for them to have me mention it or if I should just let it go.

12) Waving back at someone and realizing they were waving at someone behind me. Then having to smile and act like I was waving at someone behind them.

13) Compliments.

14) Lists that end in an odd number seem unfinished to me and make me feel squirmy and uncomfortable.

15) Unless the odd number is 15. Fifteen seems like a good place to stop. And so I shall.


  1. I like this entry because

    1) It is UNIQUE and I wish I'd thought of it.

    2) It is just as insightful as a list of 100 things about you.

    3) It is funny.

    4) It makes me sad that compliments make you uncomfortable because you are such an AWESOME woman.

    5) Quite a few of those fit me to a T.

    6) Number 8 resonates with me. I prefer a damn menu. There was a crepe place in St. Louis that had several huge boards on the wall and it made me crazy. Even though was always a line at that place I could never read the whole damn thing and so often had buyer's remorse.

    7) I think it's hilarious that the word "moist' makes you uncomfortable. Sorry. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with "slather," though, which is too bad. I'll have to think on what mine are.

    8) People like lists because they are finite.

    9) The eyes that don't track is difficult. Even worse, for me, are people who don't make eye contact. One of my bosses did that and it made me NUTS.

    10) I can't really think of anything but didn't want to end on an odd number. Ha.

  2. Haha! Awesome comments! I think the words moist and slather make me uncomfortable because of the way they sound and the way my mouth has to form the words, not so much the implied meanings, but that's probably some Freudian thing...

    The menu board thing is also a drag because I never wear my glasses during the day and so I can't see the board until it is my turn to order and by then, it's too late to contemplate!

  3. Lol...thanks for the smile! Hmmmmm... I wonder what make me uncomfortable??

    1. Think on it!! Thank you for popping on here. I appreciate you!