Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's only Wednesday...

...and I already feel like hitting my head against a wall.

Me: Hey! Don't you have a Social Studies test tomorrow?
Child: Uh, yeah.
Me: Good! Where's your study guide?
Child: In my book.
Me: Where's your book?
Child: In my locker.
Me: Why didn't you bring it home?
Child: I didn't bring it home because I don't have any homework.
Me: But you have a test! Don't you think you should study?
Child: We did the bee today, so yeah. I did well. I'm ready for the test.
Me: What's the test over?
Child: (long pause) Uh.... Buddha and stuff.


Child: Mom? Can you help me find two references for my country report?
Me: Sure! What country did you get?
Child: Europe.
Me: Europe is a continent. Which country did you get?
Child: I know it's a continent, but that's what she wrote on my paper.
Me: Well, there are over 40 countries in Europe! Which one is it?
Child: I have to do Europe.
Me: Honey, Europe isn't a country.
Child: I know, but I swear, that's what is on my paper.
Me: Well, where's your paper?
Child: In my locker.
Me: -_-


Child in Passenger Seat: Ugh. I'm turning the station! This is terrible.
Me: (slapping her hand away from the controls) No! I like this! It's The Talking Heads!
Child: It's weird!
Me: Well, you like alternative music. In the 80's, this was alternative.
Child: I don't like it. It's weird.
Me: (in my head) Too bad, so sad!


Me: I need to take you to the studio early today. Your sister has class at 5:15 and your brother has basketball practice across town at 6:00. So, you need to be ready to go an hour early.
Child: I don't want to go early.
Me: You always ask to go early! Now I need you to go early and you say you don't want to.
Child: I just want to go at 6:15.
Me: Well, you have to go at 5:15. I can't run back and forth like that. I can't take you at 5:30 when I take your brother to basketball. And even if I did take you at 5:30, that's only 15 minutes less time to wait.
Child: No, it's still more than 15 minutes early. I don't want to be that early today.
Me: You aren't understanding what I'm saying to you. You either go early or not at all.
Child: That isn't what you said.
Me: -_-


Mike: I don't understand why we have so much mayonnaise in the house. There are three containers in the fridge and one in the pantry. And one jar of Miracle Whip.
Me: Because the squeeze bottle is almost empty, so there is another squeeze bottle in the pantry.
Mike: But there are two jars in the fridge, besides the squeeze bottle.
Me: Well, I don't like Miracle Whip. And when I make some recipes, I measure out of the jar. The squeeze is for sandwiches. The jar is almost empty and I thought I would need it plus the other jar for Thanksgiving, but I ended up not making the deviled eggs or that salad that uses...(looks around and realizes Mike left the kitchen) Well. Never mind.
(an hour later)
Mike: I still don't understand why we have so much mayonnaise in the house.
Me: -_-


I seem to be talking in circles lately.

I feel frustrated! I don't feel heard!

Must I always repeat myself?

Speaking of repeats, here is a great way to use up leftover pork roast.

Make barbecue sandwiches! Put the roast in a Dutch Oven with some water and bring it to boil. Then cover the pan and simmer the roast until the it shreds easily. This step usually takes about 30 minutes. Once the roast is shredded, add enough BBQ sauce to cover the meat and some (a couple of dashes) dry mustard and brown sugar. Add the brown sugar to your own taste. We prefer sweet BBQ, but if you like yours more tangy, add less. Simmer the BBQ until it is heated through and is nice and bubbly. Serve on rolls with slaw, hot peppers, chips and beans. Yum!

Do you prefer your slaw on the sandwich or on the side? I had never tried it on the sandwich until I was an adult. Now I can't think of a better way to eat a pulled pork sandwich. Of course, those kids won't listen to me and continue to eat theirs on the side...


  1. Ha ha ha! Those conversations are like a snake eating its own tail. I would feel more than frustrated and would probably throw a huge hissy fit because I didn't feel heard.

    This recipe sounds awesome and someday I will try it. I love BBQ stuff. We didn't get to have it very much because my dad hated what he thought of as "soul food." I didn't try BBQ ribs until I was out of the house. And having the slaw on a sandwich is something I've never tried, but will, ASAP!

    Again, my hat is OFF to you. Good post!

  2. A snake eating its own tail...perfect!

    I can't throw a hissy fit because 1)tried it. it didn't work and 2)I don't want them to throw one, so I don't get to!

    The slaw is so good on that BBQ..nommm

    Thank you for making me feel listened to! ;-)