Friday, November 16, 2012

We had seasons in the sun...

I was on the way home from dropping off the kids at school this morning when Mike called from the airport and dropped the bomb....Hostess is closing down. Going out of business. Selling off their stock of cakes and pies and selling no more. "You better go to the store and pick up some Ding Dongs and Twinkies." he said. I kind of chuckled. "I'm serious! Go today!" Then we laughed, remembering something he did with the kids one winter day.

Mike found this video on youtube and he and the kids watched it repeatedly, laughing hysterically every time. "Play it again!" they would yell. It was funnier watching them laugh about than watching it!

Then Mike grabbed a couple of kids and ran to the store. He came home with Ding Dongs and a spray can of whipped cream. They took turns sticking the whipped cream can's nozzle into the side of the Ding Dong and filling it up with more cream. They had such fun and made a huge mess. It was great.

To this day, whenever I have a shopping list magnetically attached to the fridge, someone will write Gofer Cakes on the list. Every time. I love that they have that memory.

When I was in college living in the dorms, my granny sent me a care package. I had been to her house for a visit, and, like always, I left something behind. I had forgotten my gloves and earmuffs. Granny was worried that I would freeze, so she got a shoe box and mailed them to me. When I opened the box, she had managed to fill the box with not only the gloves and earmuffs, but a whole bunch of foil wrapped Ding Dongs. It was the sweetest thing ever and such a treat!

Hostess treats are not a staple at our house. Occasionally, I will pick up a box of Twinkies or Ding Dongs to give the kids a surprise in their lunch box. And Maggie does love those Cup Cakes! It's not like the world will end (or will it?) or anything, but it just seems sad to me. Not only is a piece of pop culture going away, but so are quite a few jobs. American jobs. I know some people who rely on those outlet stores for bread, as well.

So, yes. I am feeling a bit nostalgic and let down over Hostess cakes. I better go get some Ding Dongs and whipped cream in a can for one last Gofer Cake party.


  1. Gpfer Cakes? Ba ha ha ha ha!!! What a great story. And putting MORE whipped cream inside Ding Dongs? GENIUS!

    I really enjoyed this. It sounds like your kids have awesome senses of humor and that you and Mike nurture that in interesting and unexpected ways!

  2. Some may say the kids are weird, but I just think they are each unique. :-) Well, this was not a very well thought out post, but I appreciate you reading and commenting. Thanks!!