Monday, December 3, 2012

Mug, mug, mug

I love this mug!
I got a new coffee mug. I love it. I know this doesn't seem like the most obvious topic to blog about, but something about this mug just makes me so happy, I thought I would share.

It has a cute picture of a bird on it. I like birds. We have a few bird things in our house. Some are mine that I purchased and some were given to me as gifts. Some belonged to my grandma and my mom gave them to me after grandma passed away. But the bird isn't the thing that does it for me, cute as it is.

There is something about the weight of it. And the way it fits perfectly in my hand. It has a pleasant texture. Sometimes I can be pretty sensitive to certain textures, so a pleasing one is something I notice. It just feels good in my hand.

Everyone in our house seems to have a favorite mug. Even Stephen, who doesn't like hot drinks, uses a mug most times.

You know how sometimes when you repeat or think about a word a lot, it starts to sound strange and loses all meaning? Mug, mug, mug, mug. What a strange word mug is!

Mike has two favorites right now
Mary's and Clare's mugs

Maggie's and Anna's mugs

Stephen's and Dominic's mugs


  1. I'm waiting for you to do a blog about jugs.

  2. How about a compare and contrast with the inferior mug(s)? Ha. I have been known to have a favorite mug and then cheat on it with another mug. I made the mistake of taking my fave mug to work and then it somehow disappeared.... I'm just saying that you need to guard them, because EVERYONE loves a goo d mug.

    1. I think I'm going to go get another identical mug and put it away for safekeeping. It's inevitable that something I like a lot will get broken.

      I hope my previous favorite mug isn't jealous. Itg was too big to hold comfortably with one hand and too slick, but it served me well...

  3. I have a couple of favorite mugs. Doesn't everyone?

    1. I guess so! I always wonder about those people who only use their matching cups that go with their dishes. How do they know which one is theirs?

  4. i have a few favorite mugs. one is a lovely yellow ochre with a large flower on it that says "breathe." a good reminder every day. the other is a 1996 Phantom Regiment Championship Mug. you had to be a booster in order to get that one. i got one. SUTA!