Monday, February 18, 2013

Jumping on the self improvement bandwagon

I have been thinking a lot about self improvement and living in such a way that sets a better example for my children. Of course I made specific New Year's Resolutions, but I have never really set a resolution and held myself accountable to its completion. I was recently inspired by a blogger I like to read. Courtney Kendrick is turning 37 and blogged the 37 things she hopes to accomplish this year. You can read them here. Now, Courtney is a well known blogger and I am only a legend in my own mind, so I do not have grand goals that involve famous musicians and exclusive film festivals. Also, I am turning 48 this year and there is no way I am making 48 goals, so I am going to go with "13 Goals in 2013". I think cjane will understand. I will have these goals written here on the blog and therefor I will be holding myself accountable. I may even update occasionally when a goal is met. Isn't this exciting? I can literally feel the excitement! Or maybe I have gas. I don't know...

1. I am going to learn something new. I have a new camera. It is digital and it is able to shoot  both automatic and manual photos. I am going to learn how to use that sucker! I am eager to tap into my artistic side. I rarely do that any more. I don't have a huge amount of artistic ability. Okay, I hardly have any. But I am going to tap into it, dang it! The bottom line is, prepare yourselves for an onslaught of Basso kids pictures.

2. I will go to a concert at The Cain's Ballroom. Of course, this will take some convincing of the guy who will be buying my tickets. I hope he wants to go see They Might Be Giants on March 13th. I hope he is reading this and wondering how he can help me achieve my goals. 

3. I will finally lose that pesky postpartum weight. Never mind that my "baby" is almost eight years old. 

4. I will get off my butt and work towards participating in the Tulsa Run in October. I have been promising Mike I would do this for years. I am grounded in reality enough to realize I will not be running the full marathon. But I fully intend to sign up for the Fun Run and do it with all of my kids and my husband. 

5. I will adjust our menus and cook more clean and healthy meals so that it becomes a lifestyle rather than a "diet". We do enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetable and only occasionally eat processed foods. I would like to eliminate them completely from our diet. Also, less red meat, more fish, less starchy vegetables, more leafy greens, less white sugar, flour and pasta and more wheat and grains. I bet you can't wait until I invite you to dinner!

6. All of our closet spaces and attic storage areas will be organized and clutter free. Better yet, they will stay that way. I am tired of clutter and disorganization. I would like my kids to learn to be more respectful of the spaces we have to store and organize our things. That hall closet of ours that is the Black Hole of Calcutta needs a plan and we need to stick to it. 

7. Pizza Night is back. For a while, Friday night was Pizza Night. We made our own dough and topped our own pizzas. I'm not sure why we quit. I guess we just got busy and stopped making time for it. Well, it's time to bring it back. The last time we did it, we made individual pizzas. That was really fun. We had a contest to see whose pizza looked the best. Yeah..I'm pretty sure I nailed it.

8. I want to go ice skating. It has been a really, really long time since I have skated. I may end up in traction, but I want to do it! It may have to wait until next winter, but the outdoor rink at the BOK center seems fun.

9. I'm going to try to be a little more selfish with my time. I do not regret that I spend most of my time doing things for my family. I consider it my full time job, sorta. Well, I tend to forget to do certain things for myself that affect the way I feel. Like not keep on top of my hair cuts, or forget to use my foot scrubs and lotions. This year, as soon as I get my hair styled, I would like to stay on top of it instead of resorting to the good 'ol headband when my hair outgrows the style. (like right now)

10. More board games, less bored games. I love playing games with the kids, but lately I have allowed them to fill their "I'm bored!" time with TV and computers. Since I don't watch the TV, we end up in different parts of the house. I don't like that! I want us to do more things together. I just taught Anna how to play Backgammon and I think we need to have some marathons. Clare has been pestering me to play Monopoly. We have more games than Toys R Us, a table in the game room, plenty of players...time to play some games!

11. Birthdays. I get overwhelmed. I get lazy. I send facebook notes instead of birthday cards. I really want to make sure my friends and family know I am thinking of them on their special day, so I want to get cards and use actual snail mail. I know that it sounds like an easy goal to achieve  but it really is a challenge for me. I have already missed a couple of nieces birthdays in early 2013. Time to get going on this one!!

12. Let it go. I don't really consider myself a grudge holder, but sometimes I find myself having a pity party for something that may have happened during the Reagan administration. Or hanging on to hurts that should have long ago been healed. I had a rough year socially a couple of years ago. I still find myself licking the wounds and feeling like an unforgivable chump, isolating myself from people and activities. It is time to let it all go. I have great friends that I enjoy and an awesome family. What more does a girl need? It's harder to measure the success or failure of this particular goal, but I have found a great personal exercise that I have started to employ when I feel those old feelings of worthlessness come creeping up. I feel more positive and therefore am easier to be around. I hope to soon feel like socializing again. 

13. Procrastinate less...starting tomorrow. Ever since I was in 7th grade and waited until the last day of Christmas vacation to write a research paper, I have promised myself that I would quit procrastinating. That was followed by a high school and college career full of last minute runs to the library, caffeine fueled all-nighters and, admittedly, half-assed work cranked out at zero hour. Now that I have kids of my own, I use my foibles as a cautionary tale. I still find myself rushing to do things at the last minute, though, and frankly, I drive myself nuts. "When will you learn?", my mom is probably thinking. My mom doesn't procrastinate. My husband doesn't procrastinate. Half of my kids don't procrastinate. (and the other half...I'm sorry. You are a lot like me) 2013 will be my year to stop procrastinating. The fact that this New Year Resolution type blog post wasn't written until late February should give you an idea of how #13 is going...


  1. Wow! Great goals! Impressive list. Don't overwhelm yourself and try to all of them at once. One at a time. I love the idea that you want to play more board games. I love board games. You could combine board games and pizza night. And the Fun Run could be really fun.

    I, too, waited until the last minute to get things done, and sometimes still do, but hey. They got done.

    Great list!

    1. Thank you, Colleen. I can always count on you to read and comment!
      I really dislike that about myself, the procrastination. I hope I can turn it around even if it is just a little bit.